Hallo, ich bin Pavel.

I am the Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at SumSub, a London-based KYC/AML company, where I oversee the development of financial fraud preventing technologies.

I currently live in Berlin, Germany with my wife and two borzoi dogs.

My last name is Калайдин (Kalaydin or Kalaidin, I prefer the latter, but both are OK). It comes from ‘kalaidat’’ meaning ‘to chatter’.

In November, 2020 I joined Tinkoff Bank as a Director of AI. At Tinkoff I have been responsible for owning and driving Tinkoff AI strategy and managing Tinkoff Center for AI technologies. I moved to Berlin after the war started.

Before, I was the the Head of Applied Research at VK.com (VKontakte), the largest European social network. The team aimed at advancing ML algorithms as well as bringing the latest technologies to VK. I was also responsible for newsfeed ranking and led the development and deploying VK speech recognition for voice messages and a set of technologies for reducing hate speech on the platform. yttm was also released at that time.

In October, 2019 I founded and then led VK AI Research Lab @ Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, a small lab mainly focused on NLP research.

My background is in software engineering. I graduated Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University with MS summa cum laude in Computer Science and spent more than 6 years working at Motorola across the globe. Specifically, I was a part of the team that developed au-Box and HD-STB set-top boxes.

I speak English, Japanese (マジで), Russian and now learning German.

In my spare time I enjoy triathlon, cycling and cross-country skiing.

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